Want a Clearer, Healthier Complexion?

1 July 2012
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1 July 2012, Comments 0

Stay Away from High Fructose Corn Syrup for a Clearer, Healthier Complexion!

High fructose corn syrup causes weight gain, puts stress on the liver, and the skin (the body’s largest organ) also reacts, causing a host of ailments including acne and hyperpigmentation.  It is an inflammatory agent that also prematurely ages us.  (As does processed sugar.) This “toxic” sweetener is commonly used in every day foods we tend to consume on a daily basis. (Yes, you likely do. Just take a look at your drink ingredients and a host of other processed foods.)  Aside from potential weight gain, excessive intake of high fructose corn syrup may also cause issues like cellulite, diabetes, and tooth decay.

Take 90 percent of high fructose corn syrup from the diet and moods improve, the pores of the skin shrink, a nice glow to the skin appears, excessive appetite decreases, central waist fat shrinks and many women immediately notice diminished cellulite.

The first place to cut out the sweetener is in one of the foods many consume soon after waking: creamer. Other culprits include morning cereal, some yogurt brands and many salad dressing brands. So, always check food labels and try to cut out high fructose corn syrup to see if your skin and overall health improves over time.

Edited from article by Susan Yara, Editorial Video and Interactive Director, New Beauty Online.

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