Your Face Is Not You, But It's Yours!

23 July 2014
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23 July 2014, Comments 0

Face it, it’s what represents us, what the world sees, what most of us believe defines us as human beings.  Our face, which we see every morning and often inspect for signs of distress, toxicity and aging, is constantly changing.  It happens in slo-mo, or so we hope.  Our pores enlarge, pimples sprout, sun damage begins to show, tiny and not-so-tiny growths pop out, dark spots and little capillaries appear, and wrinkles carve “character lines.”  Oh, and let’s not forget the sagging that happens as our years pile on!

Some clients talk to me of insecurities because of the state of their skin.  Each of us, to some degree or other, is concerned about how we look.  In addition to the DNA inherited from our ancestors, each of us end up with our own unique facial print based on numerous factors that include the amount of sun exposure, diet, alcohol, our sleeping positions, as well as how consistent we’ve been about taking care of our skin.  But we should keep in mind that there’s more to us than the face that looks back at us from the mirror, and the one seen by others throughout each day.

We are powerful beings capable of illuminating a room with the gleam in our eyes when we are happy.  We possess a potent healing energy that radiates every time we smile.  When we accept ourselves with all our imperfections we allow love and tolerance to enter and flow outward.  Pimples, dark spots, wrinkles become much less significant.  Truly, most people don’t even notice them because generally they are more concerned about themselves.  If you leave a positive imprint, they won’t care about or even remember your perceived imperfections.

This is not to say that we should let ourselves go and not care about how we look.  Grooming is important — but remember: Your face is not you.  It really does not represent who you are, nor does it reveal the wonderful things you are capable of.  Don’t let the state of your face take away your power.  Yes, take care of it, but realize you are more than just that beautiful, unique face of yours!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

~ isa


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