About Isa


Isa Salvador, Licensed Aesthetician
Founder, CleanSkin by Isa, since April 2011

CleanSkin’s founder, Isa Salvador, has the knowledge, experience, and skillful talent you can trust. Her passionate pursuit of treating and educating clients includes working a total of 10 years in dermatology practices, and two years in a plastic surgery practice. She frequently attends seminars and clinics to stay on top of her field.

Isa graduated from the Florida College of Natural Health in 1997 and has been a licensed aesthetician since then. Previously, she was an event planner and fund raiser for organizations such as the 1994 World Cup USA (soccer) in New York/New Jersey, The American Diabetes Association, The Lowe Art Museum at the University of Miami, and the Miami Art Museum (then the CFA).

“I always knew I would eventually go back to skin care. It’s been a passion for me since I worked for (the late) renowned dermatologist and mentor Dr. Louis C. Skinner in the 1970′s. I relish getting into someone’s skin and gently ridding it of anything that shouldn’t be there. Afterward, the challenge is to heal and properly nourish the skin so that my client is pleased with the cleanest, nicest skin they can possibly have!”

“The best morning skin care regimen to help maintain healthy, young-looking skin, includes using a topical Vitamin C antioxidant to strengthen the skin against the free-radical damage caused by the sun, followed by a moisturizer and a good sunscreen, such as Elta MD and/or ColoreScience SPF powder. Wearing a wide brimmed hat provides further sun protection.”