Facials for Every Skin Type

Get an instant jumpstart to your skincare with a professional facial by
Isa. Her facials will treat and soothe your skin with proven healthy,
hydrated, and glowing results. It does not matter how long you have
gone between facials; you will see and feel an instant improvement in
your skin.

What does a Facial Include?

Skin Care Consultation
All facials start with a consultation to address specific skincare
concerns and to personalize a facial treatment that best suits your

Cleansing and Extraction
CleanSkin facials include a thorough cleansing to prep and prime the
skin for safe extractions and personalized treatments. The purification
process includes the removal of dead skin and extractions. Isa has extensive
experience working on all levels of congested skin. She will take her
time to leave your face free of impurities as she carefully extracts using
her signature techniques. Plenty of time is left between clients so that
no one is ever rushed out the door.

A Unique and Relaxing Experience
Clients often say they come for the facials AND to relax in a most
soothing environment!

Types of Facials and Pricing

Below is a service menu and price approximation of our most requested
facials. Facials are customized and enhancements like
microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and dermaplaning may be added.

Custom Facial

Every facial begins with a calming and thorough cleansing of the skin
and followed by extractions. Isa has extensive experience working on all
levels of congested skin including expert removal of milia. She will take
her time to leave your face free of impurities as she carefully extracts
using her signature techniques. The appropriate mask and/or light
treatment will follow, and a face and neck massage and sunscreen will
complete the session.

Cost: $110 – $200 depending on time spent on extractions, amount of
milia, and/or choice of enhancement

Suggested Facial Enhancements:

  • Include Microdermabrasion
  • Include Chemical Peel (See protocol at “Chemical Peels” page)
  • Include Dermaplaning

Anti-Aging Facial

After cleansing and extractions, Isa pays special attention to enhancing
three components that promote youthful-looking skin:

  • Increasing levels of hydration
  • Strengthening skin elasticity
  • Boosting collagen production

Using various modalities, rejuvenation results are noted. It is common
for her to pair techniques that include microdermabrasion or
dermaplaning with LED light therapy. The LED light therapy has a
regenerating effect on the skin. The light, matched with the
appropriate infusion mask with vitamins and peptides, promote
collagen production and tightening leaving the skin supple, smooth as
silk and hydrated.

A relaxing head and neck massage will ease tension and leave you
looking and feeling younger, ready to walk a red carpet!
This treatment takes between 75 to 90 minutes

Cost: $175 –$225
Include Chest: $300
A package of 6 bi-monthly or monthly treatments is available upon

Gua Sha Rejuvenation Facial

This treatment invigorates blood flow and energy circulation to restore
tighter skin and glow to the skin. Facial oil massage with the Gua Sha
stone helps sculpt and smooth the face and neck resulting in the
reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, sagging, and dullness.

Clients report reduced jaw tension, headaches, and sinus congestion. Under-
eye darkness and puffiness are reduced. You will notice an improvement in just one session.

A series of 8 – 10 weekly sessions are recommended to maintain more lasting results.
This facial does not include extractions or masks and should be avoided
within 3 weeks of having Botox or fillers injections.

Cost: $175
Package of 8 weekly sessions $1200
Package of 10 weekly sessions: $1400

Acne Facial

Our Acne Facial includes the traditional facial components like cleansing
and a mask treatment but allows for more time to thoroughly
concentrate on decongesting pores that are clogged with impurities.

This facial requires additional time for extractions to properly detoxify
the pores of dead skin and sebum. Additionally, Blue Light Therapy
and/or Infrared Light may be required to promote healing and
combat bacteria that cause acne.

Cost: $125 – $175 – cost varies as acne facials can last anywhere from
60 to 90 minutes or perhaps more, if needed.

Rosacea and Sensitive Skin Facial

When it comes to sensitive skin, Isa has many years of experience
working with clients who have various skin care needs, product
allergies, or rosacea. Sometimes a client does not realize they have
sensitive skin but she can help address your skin type in the skincare
consultation at the beginning of your appointment or during the facial.
For skin that experiences redness and chronic Rosacea, a facial requires
special care to not irritate the skin or cause flare-ups. Isa creates a
custom soothing and calming treatment that helps to rid the skin of
impurities. After cleansing, extractions are carefully and minimally

performed and specific dermatological grade products for rosacea and
sensitive skin are used.

Treatments during rosacea or sensitive skin facial can include a
gentle peel or mask depending on the condition and needs of the skin.

Cost: $150 – $175

What to Expect After Your Facial

At the end of your facial treatment, you will feel relaxed, and your skin
will have a beautiful glow that will continue to improve over the next
few days. Even with extractions, experiencing redness and
inflammation after a CleanSkin facial is rare or minimal.

Often after a facial, it is common to want to touch or feel your skin. We
recommend trying not to touch your face to reduce the risk of exposing
your newly cleansed skin to bacteria from your hands. Furthermore,
let’s remember that the steering wheel of your car is not very clean!

Before leaving, Isa applies sunscreen and will provide any additional
instructions based on the treatment you received. Always feel free to
text Isa if you have any questions or concerns.

Have any questions? Ready for a facial?

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